Download instructions

To download a module:

  1. Select the module title.
    You will see the welcome page with information on that module.
  2. Click 'Download'.
  3. Read and Accept the disclaimer notice. If you click Decline you will return to the welcome page.
  4. Click 'Save' to download the file in the 'Download' folder on your hard drive.
    [Optional] Select 'Save as' to download the file in any specified folder on your hard drive.
  5. Right-click the zip file and select 'WinZip', and then 'Unzip to folder' which is the 3rd option on the list. The files will be automatically extracted in a new folder.
  6. Inside the new folder, double-click on the 'Launch_Story.exe' file (launch.htm for older modules).
  7. Click 'OK/Allow Blocked Content' if you receive an alert.
    You will now see the module welcome page and can start your learning.

If you still experience problems, please refer to the  FAQs  for troubleshooting assistance.

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