Download instructions

The process for downloading a module varies according to the version of the training, so please check which version you are accessing when following the instructions below.

To download a module select the module title and follow these instructions:

  • 1. Read and Accept the disclaimer notice. If you click Decline you return to this page.
  • 2. Select Save this file to disk.
  • 3. Save to an appropriate place on your hard drive.
  • 4. Click the Extract button in your zip software.
  • 5. Select an appropriate location on your hard drive.
  • 6. Click Extract.
  • 7. To access the module:
  • For all version 2014 learning courses, or earlier versions, double-click the iasXlaunch.htm file e.g. ias1launch.htm.
  • For all version 2015 learning courses, double-click the 'Launch_Story.exe' file.
  • 8. You will now see the module menu page and can start your learning.

If you get to the end of step 8 and you do not see the module menu page this may be due to local settings on your computer. Refer to the FAQs for troubleshooting assistance.

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